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Custom manufacturing transmission shafts:

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Helical shaft

Double helical shaft

Spline shaft

Smooth shaft

Worm shaft

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Manufacturing of steel shaft

We accept orders for manufacturing of transmission shafts: gear shaft, shaft-gear, helical shaft, double helical shaft, as well as a smooth shaft, hollow shaft, spline shaft, according to the drawings or samples of the customer to order. Manufacturer of shafts located in Ukraine, but can be exported to the CIS countries, Europe and other regions.

Quality and Compliance

We guarantee that we produce the shaft, which will fully meet your drawing, technical project or sample. All requirements: the size, material, and hardness are observed at 100%. Compliance with the material is confirmed by certificates of quality and other parameters (hardness and size), you can check for yourself.

The cost of custom shafts manufacturing

The works are made in a timely manner, the prices are excellent. We calculate the cost and time of manufacturing of transmission shaft after receiving a drawing from the customer, it usually takes no more than 2-3 working days. Did not find where to make a shaft? - Contact us, we are waiting for your orders!

  • Manufacturing of transmission shafts

    Production of high quality steel shafts in Ukraine. Prices individually calculated according to your drawings. Plant of shafts located in Ukraine, but also we send the products for export. Manufacturing of transmission shafts: spline shaft, gear shaft, smooth shaft, helical shaft, shaft-gear. If you do not know where to buy a shaft or did not find where to make shaft? - Please contact us and we will make shaft according to your requirements and drawings at the best price. We accept cash or bank transfer.